Each of the common areas, look in all its splendor, wide pools, full gym featuring the most modern appliances, spa, steam rooms and sauna, huge terrace with sundecks, hot tubs, pergolas and lounges, the Owners Club, an area that really invites you to share with friends, family and neighbors, table games, pool tables, snack bar and plasma screens to enjoy a good game with friends.

The panoramic view offered by the Development is spectacular, ranging from Marina Vallarta golf course, Sierra Madre and the beautiful bay, are the perfect complement for the owners, all from one single condominium, you will not have to choose one view or another Nima Bay offers all in one. For those who know the comfort, privacy, comfort and luxury can be found in one place, Nima Bay is definitely the best and only option.


Every day more and more customers, suppliers, colleagues and neighbors, are looking towards Nima Bay, which fills us with satisfaction, one of the many goals that were set before developing the Project, was indeed to give a new image and look to Marina Vallarta, because we had the commitment with our neighborhood since the very beginning , since we are the main Entrance and the first sight, that shows what Marina Vallarta has to offer to visitors and residents, and now we can proudly say that it served a purpose, give it a new look and lifestyle to Marina Vallarta. The interior and exterior corridors, look at its best, giving a warm welcome to all those who enjoy pleasant walks and the variety of choices in consumption centers, Marina Vallarta now offers, much more, and better than ever.

Commercial and convenience services will be located along the main Marina Vallarta Avenue, Popa Street and the Marina Boardwalk. Twenty eight retail spaces will include cafeterias, lounges, casual and cuisine dining, as well as the most exclusive boutiques and convenience services, such as dry cleaners, pharmacy, minimart, bank and video club. With more than seventy parking spaces and an innovative strategy to assure the most effective retail space usage, can help to take any brand to the highest level of success. 


What is the project?
Award-winning development firm Central de Arquitectura brings a new level of contemporary luxury to Puerto Vallarta. Nima Bay consists of eleven 12-story luxury towers encompassing 227 condominiums and boardwalk with exclusive boutiques and shops. Nima Bay features one, two and three bedroom units, the penthouses all with private roof gardens. The condominiums offer exquisite design and the utmost in services. With a choice location in Marina Vallarta, the condominiums offer spectacular views to the Pacific Ocean, Marina and the golf course.

What does Nima Bay mean and what does it involve?
NimaBay is a revolutionary concept in lifestyle design focused on being the most impressive development in Puerto Vallarta. With its unmatched location and design, Nima Bay provides a unique and appealing living environment. As it rises above the Marina, it will be sensational in every way. Once you discover the heart of Nima Bay, you will slip away in your dreams while you enjoy the simple pleasure of living. 

Why Puerto Vallarta?
From the cosmopolitan neighborhood of La Condesa in Mexico City to the fashionable Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya. Central de Arquitectura is noted for choosing special locations for its projects. Beautiful Puerto Vallarta has captured the attention of visitors who want to enjoy the majestic Mexican Pacific Coast. Vallarta is bursting with character and Mexican flavor, where a kaleidoscope of cultures from distant parts of the world find refuge. Puerto Vallarta is a small town with an eclectic mix of world class restaurants, cafes, night clubs and many other diversions. These, combined with spectacular beaches and breathtaking views of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains, make Puerto Vallarta the first choice as a tourist destination for many from all over North America and Europe. 

Can I be the legal owner of real estate properties in Mexico?
Yes, you can. It is a common misconception that foreigners may not own any kind of real estate within restricted zones along Mexico's borders and coastlines. In fact, property rights are obtained by a Bank-Trust, better known in Spanish as “Fideicomiso”. This is an arrangement where the bank becomes the Trustee and the foreign purchaser is appointed as the Trust Beneficiary. This is not a lease, rather a form of ownership in which real property is transferred into a trust agreement for the benefit of the owner or beneficiary. The Fideicomiso is established by the government and gives the non-Mexican purchaser all property rights. 

How does the Bank-Trust work?
A Bank-Trust is an agreement created under Mexico's laws for the benefit of any foreign buyer and is made between a Mexican Bank and the property's seller, It is valid for 50 years and after that term, is perpetually renewable. As the administrator, the bank has the fiduciary obligation to respect all the Trust Beneficiary's instructions. You keep and enjoy of all the property rights as the Trustee carries out the title. The buyer has the exclusive right to use, enjoy, sell, transfer or will the real estate property which keeps its original commercial value for any purchaser. The Bank-Trust works as any Family Trust works in the US. 

What happens to my property if the trustee bank closes or gets into financial trouble?
Nothing. Almost all Mexican banks are now part of transnational corporations which make it very difficult and unlikely for them to encounter debilitating financial circumstances. Your property is not part of the capital asset base of the bank. It is known as “segregated assets” and cannot be attached under any conditions of the Trustee. Your Bank-Trust agreement would simply be moved to another financial institution. 

Do I need some kind of authorization to sell the property?
No. As the owner, you can sell the property at any time to anyone you want. Remember, as the owner and Trust Beneficiary, all you have to do is instruct the Bank-Trustee to transfer the real estate or reassign the rights of the Bank-Trust agreement to the prospective purchaser.

Can I rent my condominium at Nima Bay?
Yes. You have the full ownership of your condominium and all the right to rent it for as long as you want.  However, it is recommended that you receive assistance from any management company during this process. 

Can I appoint my family or someone else as beneficiary of the property?
Yes. One of the biggest benefits of the Mexian Bank-Trust agreement, or Fideicomiso, is that you have all the tools and ability to appoint future beneficiaries or sub-beneficiaries of the real estate property. 

Will I have to pay any kind of taxes?
Yes.  As an owner of a real estate property, you will have the same rights and obligations as the Mexican owners. Property is taxed at  very low rates. Each Mexican state or city determines its own taxes and taxes may be adjusted annually. 

How can I be sure if it is a safe investment?
Some property Title Insurance Companies in the US offer insurances for property titles in Mexico to assure you that you are buying a property with a free and clear title.  This is the same way that you purchase property in the Unites States or Canada. This type of insurance promises a good “marketing” of your property and, at the same time, offers the no-fault resource in any case. 

Can I assure the financing?
Yes. Nima Bay has assured financing with BANAMEX, the largest bank in Mexico.  BANAMEX is managing the system of BI-NATIONAL credit for the mortgages in Mexico. Historically, the mortgages could be obtained only with the condition of United States collateral. This is no longer the case. In Mexico, the financing of a mortgage is done in the same manner as mortgage financing in the United States and is done at the closing of the sale of the property. 

How can I learn more about Nima Bay?
NimaBay's Exclusive Team has the privilege of assisting you in receiving the following information:

  • Pre-Construction pricing and promotions
  • Advance selection of your condominium
  • Detailed information and updates on the progress of the development
  • Priority invitation to all Nima Bay events

Contact us for more information:


A principios de Julio Nima Bay tuvo el honor de ser la sede del evento Art,

Boats and Fashion 2011 organizado por la Asociación de Residentes de Marina

Vallarta con la finalidad de reunir fondos para la reconstrucción de la

escultura "La Ballena" ubicada en la entrada principal a nuestro

fraccionamiento. La escultura, obra del artista plástico Octavio González es

sin duda alguna un monumento que desde hace muchos años goza de fama

internacional por dar la bienvenida a los millones de visitantes que recibe

la ciudad de Puerto Vallarta, razón por la cual amigos y residentes de la

Marina se han dado a la tarea de devolverle el esplendor original que años

de un clima extremoso le han quitado.

Art, Boats and Fashion 2011 conto con la presencia de distintos

representantes de la sociedad, la política y los medios de Puerto Vallarta.

Con un cocktail y la presencia de distintos stands representando a varias

empresas la mayoría con sede en Marina Vallarta - se dio la bienvenida a

los asistentes que posteriormente disfrutaron de demostraciones de belly

dance, música en vivo así como de la belleza de esculturales modelos que

desfilaron mostrando diferentes tendencias en moda, trajes de baño y joyería

para dama.